02 April 2007

Blood Ties

The Foreign Minister from the mother country, Miguel Angel Moratinos, is in Cuba to solidify Spain’s ties to the dictatorship and help Cuba get back in good graces with the European Union.

"It's absolutely unthinkable that Spain, the Spanish government, cannot maintain, defend and develop an intense, constructive and communicative policy with the Cuban authorities,"

We found out only today that Moratinos will meet with Raul Castro. He will not meet with Granma’s owner and new op-ed. writer, Fidel Castro, however.

Cuban dissidents had expressed a desire to meet with the foreign minister, but Spain’s policy of constructive dialogue with Havana is more about money than about principles.

Spanish media has reported that a diplomat in Spain's delegation could meet Cuban dissidents later this week.

Spain continues to prop up the crumbling Cuban government with infusions of much needed capital and treat the Cuban people as colonials.

Cuba’s debt with Spain stands at about $1.3 Billion and that debt is unlikely to be repaid. What will be repaid is the complicity that the Spaniards have had in the exploitation of the Cuban people.

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