30 April 2007

Arroz Con Cotorra

Repression grows on the Island that has been on Military Alert since July of 2006.

The regime is openly harassing and threatening brave dissidents that stand up to a totalitarian government almost in complete anonymity.

Castro’s spokes-thing informs the world that he’s “back in charge” prompting every analyst to speculate that the much touted and anticipated “reforms” that Raul the pragmatic was ready to introduce have been put on ice.

The spokes-thing also decries that as he takes his country to the abyss, he will squander its natural resources and wealth to finance Leftist regimes.

BUT who wants to hear all that doom and gloom, the Associated Parrots have a story full of a fluffy white substance to keep their handlers happy. No, not the snow thing again:

Uncle Ben Goes to Havana.


Mambi_Watch said...


I want to point out two things that I think are inaccurate in your post.

You said: "...prompting every analyst to speculate..."

Within this sentence you added a link to a Boston Globe article quoting Phil Peters of the Lexington Institute saying: "Now it looks like cold water's getting poured over all that" referring to the reforms.

But, that is only ONE analyst, not EVERY analyst. In fact, Peters in another article has said that "[e]ven before Fidel's illness, he and others started discussing some chronic problems--the young generation's lack of connection to the revolutionary project, the economic system that drives people into black-market activity--that threaten their ability to carry socialism into the next generation."

Other analysts believe that reforms are planned nonetheless because Fidel cannot govern fully as before, and that other leaders have proven themselves to operate by themselves since Fidel's illness.

Saying "every analyst" when you are relying on one person's quote is deceptive.

You also mention Hugo Chavez ("spokes-thing") and the ideas that have been proposed at the recent ALBA summit.

You say: "he will squander its natural resources and wealth to finance Leftist regimes."

Within that sentence you added a link to a Washington Post article that says:

"Chavez said Venezuela eventually plans to help build a network of refineries in Nicaragua, Haiti, Ecuador, Bolivia and Dominica, as well as refurbishing Cuba's Cienfuegos refinery, to provide a stable supply of oil _ and the earnings it generates _ to countries in Latin America."

This doesn't seem like squandering. The article also says that the ALBA agreements are also "for cooperative projects in education, telecommunications, mining and other areas." How is this kind of integration and cooperation for the future a squandering, especially in a region that has half its population in poverty, even through the years of free-market reforms?

El Gusano said...

moot point whether is one or twenty analysts because they never intended to make any reforms. they're goal is to keep people starving so they have to spend most of their energy trying to survive, it's the way the system is designed.

as for chavez, maybe you're right the word squandering doesn't really describe what chavez is doing which is stealing from his people to finance the spread of his tyrannical ideology. he's no robin hood and venezuela is not hugoslavia for him to give away as he pleases.

i've seen this movie before lets fight poverty by making everybody poor but equally miserable