17 April 2007

"Refugees" Stage Protest in Cayman Islands

The desperation of being sent back to Castro’s totalitarian theme park got the better of some Cubans being held by Cayman Islands Immigration and they broke out.

These Cubans, who are facing deportation back to the hell they just risked their lives to escape, took their few moments of freedom, not to loot or riot or fight the authorities or escape but to protest the Castro regime:

Cuban refugees escaped from the Fairbanks Detention Centre and took their protests to the streets of George Town.

After forcing a gate at the facility, the 29-strong group marched into town at around 11:00 am on Saturday morning. Shouting, “No Cuba, No Castro!” and displaying placards, they paraded along Harbor Drive, reaching the beginning of North Church Street before agreeing to turn back.

… As the protesters made their way back, they stopped and spoke to some of the tourists, striving to ensure their complaints reached an international audience.

Also notable is that the Cayman Net News refers to the Cubans as “refugees” while the American MSM, taking their cue from Castro, refers to Cubans that are prevented by the US government from reaching the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave as "Migrants."

Sob some more here, but be proud of your brethren who behaved with dignity and showed the rest of the world that even after a fifty year campaign to destroy Cuba’s humanity, civility is and will be possible in a free and democratic Cuba.


Charlie Bravo said...

Thanks Gusano for bringing this amazing story to the forefront. What a huge difference with the "protests" that others stage here in the USA.
They exemplary behavior leaves us with the question: UNTIL WHEN, MR. PRESIDENT? Until when will you have the dry-foot wet-foot and will continue helping kasstro to enslave free Cubans????

El Gusano said...

we all need to scream until the wet foot dry foot is gone. maybe thats our problem we dont scream enough out of olite gratitude.

Charlie Bravo said...

What gratitude? Nobody has given us anything for free, if we are in the top of the immigrants in the census is because we have done it, we are the fucking American Dream. We get the political balance to tilt to the republican side, and what to we get in return?
W keeps the dry foot wet foot, returns people to Cuba, makes the USA the biggest trading partner with Cuba, legislates who is my family and who is not. And prevents me from helping fellow Cubans in need. Isn't that amazing?
Now, if I criticize the politicos for doing nothing, the celebrities for having their mouth shut, I am attacking my own!

El Gusano said...

Well, you know how we are. We consider ourselves guests, good paying guests, but guests just the same. We don't like to crap in other people's houses after we were invited in. That's they way we are. No?
We ALL need a full court press on wet/foot dry foot.some will have to be dragged kicking and screaming , too bad. it also seems the state dept is afraid of pissing the Castro(s) off. why? you know better than me.

Charlie Bravo said...

We are not guests.
This is our house too, that's what we don't understand. We came here and like the ones before us, we became American. And we have the moral duty of help the ones who are coming here after us.
The State Dept is afraid of pissing off kasstro for a very simple reason: they don't want a confrontation, because with a confrontation, communism would be destroyed, Cuba would regain its freedom, and a free Cuba is a formidable force in the region, and the rest of the region would spiral down in economic depression, civil war, and ultimately, in illegal immigration -towards the States. The economy of South Florida would need thick fat government subsides to survive with the competition of a free Cuba. The economies of the Caribbean would practically vanish, New Orlans and Las Vegas would not be able to whitstand the competition either. That's the reason they want a Chinese or Vietnamese model implaneted in Cuba with "stability" (read a tyranny, no human rights, no rights to dissent, and no rights to free expression or association) just like those countries, but with the capacity of putting a cheap Made in Cuba product on the shelves of your friendly neighborhood WalMart.

El Gusano said...

nope. we don't uderstand we are owed more than we owe, at this point. its cuban political correctness.

stability ......... and some wmd's maybe?

Anonymous said...

Charlie, I don't mean to be a jerk, but really you sound kind of crazy and like you live in fantasy world.

From your posts, it appears, at least to me (and to most in the mainstream) that you have had perhaps a too steady diet of conspiracy right wing books over the past decade.

Again, please take no offense, but I am cuban too, but second generation and I didn't grow up in Miami, wow, you can tell the differnce.

you are too much and defintely
out of the (left or right) mainstream.

con respeto, J.

Charlie Bravo said...

Do you think I live in Miami J?
Or that I grew up in Miami?
Keep on taking pot shots to guess.
I am out of the mainstream, which is not that bad. Sometimes is great to march to your own beat....
Now, as per the fantasy.... well, maybe if you knew what I know, and if you lived what I lived, you could also have those fantasies. They are not that bad, after all. And not that fantastic. They are based and rooted in reality. Maybe in a reality that you don't know, but reality nonetheless.
I am glad that you are in connection with most of the mainstream to know what they think of me. Talk about a fantasy. Have a good one!

El Gusano said...

thats right CB, stop fantasizing will ya!?!? hahaha