11 April 2007

Another Letter From Granpa

Granpa is at it again with Granma!

In the third op ed. piece in three weeks, Castro attacks Bush for “releasing a monster” (Posada Carriles).

In reality, the Federal government has persecuted Posada Carriles and overzealously prosecuted him and his alleged accomplices.

Castro just doesn’t understand how the rule of law works. Never has never will. He seems to think that prosecutions charges and sentences are decided by the ruler of a particular country, not by the laws of the land. He equates justice to the capricious whims of the man in charge, not the legal system.

Is it any wonder then, that the US refuses to turn over Posada Carriles to such a system of government to face “justice”

The myth of the twice acquitted Posada Carriles continues to be recounted however by a press that is more interested in pushing its agenda by editorializing and excluding some pertinent but inconvenient facts:

Posada Carriles, who was trained by the CIA in explosives before the failed 1962 Bay of Pigs invasion against Castro, is wanted in Venezuela on charges he planned the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people. He was detained in Caracas in 1976, but fled prison in 1985 disguised as a priest.
He has been a political problem for the Bush administration because his past activities are viewed as terrorism by his opponents, but he is a hero to many in the politically powerful Cuban exile community in the United States.

I knew it had to be our fault.......


Anonymous said...

How does a corpse write aricles?

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articles! Lol