30 April 2007

The Recolonization of Cuba

The Spanish government, in order to protect its business interests in Cuba, will work to change the European Union common stance with the Regime. A harsher Stance was addopted by the EU after the "Back Sprig" of 2003.
Spain will write up a report on the subject for its European partners. and the issue of future EU relations with Cuba would be raised at the next Council of the European Union meeting.
German Foreign Minister and current EU president Frank-Walter Steinmeier told El Periodico that the EU is "willing to support change". How mighty European of them.
Steinmeier did not define change, but it seems that Spain's efforts to prop up the Cuban regime by reviving its relations with Havana and by urging the other EU members to do the same may be winning out:
"This step forward ... is not an affront to the EU in general and the German presidency in particular,"
"I am convinced that we (the EU members) will adopt agreements where it will be clear that the EU as an organisation is willing to support change" on the island, Steinmeier said.

"It is possible that the young generations of Cuban politicians, who have had access to power, will move the country towards opening. There are some signs in this direction," he added.

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