06 April 2007

Go Tell The Spaniards

Wait, they already know, they just don't care.
New Reports Condemn Human Rights Violations in Cuba, Venezuela
U.S., Organization of American States portray bleak conditions in both nations

Since the Cuban’s revolution goal of creating a “new man” met with a miserable failure, the regime is forced to continue to brutally suppress the human spirit, oppress the human flesh, censor the human mind, and break the human heart to force him to ignore the "siren song of Capitalism"

New State Department and Organization of American States reports highlights the added repression on the island by the communist regime:

The State Department said in a new human rights report, released April 5, that Cuba had at least 283 political prisoners and detainees at the end of 2006.

The stuff of novels where citizens were jailed or worse for committing thought crimes against the state has become a grim reality in Cuba:

The Cuban government uses the concept of "dangerousness" in an attempt to justify detaining its citizens, saying these people supposedly have a “special inclination” to commit crimes.

The OAS reports that:

Cuban people endure a “permanent and systematic violation” of their fundamental

Meanwhile, Spain continues the “reconqusita” of the former jewel of its empire and the subjugation of its colonial subjects and the Associated Parrots (AP) continues to give us candy coated fluff pieces on Havana’s Chinatown and Cigar factories.

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