24 April 2007

Gorki On Miami TV Live

Punk Rocking Counter-Revolutionary and Subversive Anti-Castro Lirycist Gorki form “Porno Para Ricardo” hit the Miami Airwaves last night on Mega TV.

Maria Elvira Salazar interviewed the opinionated rocker by phone on Polos Opuestos.

During the Interview they put up a picture of Gorki wearing a shirt with a huge football sized number "59".

Underneath the 59 it said “El Año del Error”. He made the shirt himself.

They also played his infamous “Comandante” song.

Maria Elvira Salazar was actually speechless. (!)

When asked if he wasn’t afraid to be sent to prison, Gorki answered, and I’m paraphrasing, that the whole island is a giant prison it would just change the size of the cell.

He also said that one had to stand up and denounce the system as a matter of dignity.


Jose Aguirre said...

That kid Gorki has incredible courage!!! What he has done while inside Cuba is unbelievable. I think Killcastro released the short video with that song making fun of fidel. Telling fidel "no coma tanta pinga comandante"!

El Gusano said...

Yes the first I ever heard of Gorki was in Killcastro. They played that video on tv and bleeped the objectionable parts. He's an articulate guy with rock star charisma with just enough cynism and sarcasm to make him hip. Gorki for President!

Anonymous said...

Huevos the size of my head. Rock on Gorki... the leftists here in the USA could stand to learn a lesson in freedom and bravery from you.

Texas loves you.