16 April 2007

End Game

After the Spanish foreign minister’s mojito drinking, schmooze the tyranny, and ignore the dissidents stop in Havana, Sr. Moratinos instructed one of his underlings to go slumming and meet with some of the pesky dissidents on the island. Most dissidents, among them the Ladies in White, who had requested to meet with Morations personally, boycotted the meeting.

Not only did the Spanish Foreign Minister slight the Cuban dissidents, it seems that he worked up a deal with the Cuban regime to maintain the status quo. As Moratinos was leaving Cuba, he and Cuban Foreign Minister Roque said they had ” agreed to explore regular bilateral talks that could include a discussion of human rights.” Even before Moratinos got on his plane Perez Roque crowed that there were no political prisoners in Cuba, only mercenaries.

Now, a group of “dissidents”, or is it mercenaries?, have created a new coalition calling itself the Dialogue for Rights Coalition. These are some of the dissidents that did meet with Moratino’s designee in a meeting in the Spanish embassy.

The Dialogue for Rights Coalition will work towards:

the creation of a human rights commission in the National Assembly

eliminate the death penalty

distribute copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

win the release of political prisoners

Among the dissidents who will now, along with Spain be providing cover to the Cuban regime by giving the appearance that there is tolerance and dialogue with dissenters are Manuel Cuesta Morua, Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo and Fernando Sánchez López.

What will be effect of this be and why am I writing it here , other than there’s very little else going on?


This Spain sponsored “coalition” will give cover to the Spanish government to avoid its complicity in exploiting the Cuban people by keeping the regime propped up. Spain will now be able to claim that it put pressure on the Cuban government to address the human rights grievances of the Cuban dissidence. Spain will be able to claim at the EU’s headquarters in Brussels that its policy of “critical dialogue” is in fact more effective than the heavy handed trade sanctions and isolation proposed by the real democratically minded governments of Europe like the Czech Republic.

It will also give cover to the Cuban regime by providing it with a “ready made” dissidence that it can point to as THE legitimate dissidence that is working within the system. The other (legitimate) dissidence, the regime will claim, is nothing more than a group of CIA paid mercenaries who want to tear down the revolution so that Cuba can be annexed by “the empire”.

THAT is their end game.


Charlie Bravo said...

Our sources confirmed a few days ago that Menoyo works now in the Spanish Embassy as per orders of Zapatero.
Also, one of my sources told me that now they have "dissidents" who fancy themselves as "socialists" or "communists but not fidelists". Puke. Twice. Isn't that interesting???
Wrote about that in The Black Sheep, under Cuban rapping, and also somewhere on KillCastro on these past few days.

El Gusano said...

Yes. I remeber the Menoyo post. I had heard he was there looking for a visa to get out of Cuba again. (i think he's a spaniard)I'm waiting for Reuter's and AP to start telling us how Raul the pragmatic is allowing moderate dissent as part of the reforms. What a scam! The Spaniards are screwing the Cubans on the island but good.con mucho gusto.

Charlie Bravo said...

Instead of saying the Spaniards, Gusano, I would say the Socialist-Communist government of Spain is screwing the Cubans of the island with three great allies:
1- The tyranny.
2- Big business interests with roots in Cuba, Spain, and USA (Melia Hotels, and some very large oil and manufacturing enterprises, present in the three countries)
3- Last but not least, ETA, which is interested in having a refuge in Cuba. This is very dangerous because ETA is in cahoots with Al-Qaeda, as it is widely known in Spain.
In my travels through that country I found a lot of support for our cause, from regular people, small business owners, intellectuals, and people who has traveled to Cuba and returned disgusted by the behaviour of their fellow Spaniards (the minority who go as sexual predators, who are also sexual predators in Spain)
The good thing is that people who travel to Cuba -the ones who do it with good intentions- have faced the moster that is kasstro, and have spoken with many Cubans on the streets and they know what's going on....
Oh, I could add somebody else to the list of the three accomplices of the Spanish government in screwing the Cuban people....
The "socialist & communist" dissidents.
About Menoyo, he doesn't need an exit visa from Cuba. He's a Spanish citizen, he could just climb on a plane and leave. So something kind of fishy is going on....

El Gusano said...

point is well taken, this has all started since the socialist took over.

Charlie Bravo said...

Which leads me to believe that an old Madrileño I met was right, about the bombings in Spain he said: "this has the finger prints of the communists all over the place, they engineered this with the Moors and ETA, to kick the Partido Popular out of power and install the "socialistas" in office"
When I said that kasstro would be benefiting from the Red takeover, he said: "and do you believe for a second that he doesn't have anything to do with terror in Spain? he's TERROR!"