23 April 2007

Just Once

Cuba is a big gigantic concentration camp surrounded by a moat to keep the captives in.

Unless you get permission from Fidel there are only two other ways of the island, escape or death.

The Cuban family has been separated by Fidel.

Those of us who left Cuba did so because we chose not having a country over having a master.

Cubans are not allowed to travel anywhere, have cell phones, computers and land lines are impossible to get.

These calamities are all the result of the regime's policies.

Today we're reminded that :

Since 2004, the U.S. embargo against Cuba, or el bloqueo, as Cubans call it, has prohibited Cuban-Americans from visiting immediate family on the island more than once every three years.

For a culture that typically reveres cousins, aunts and grandparents alongside parents and siblings, the separation and the restrictions have strained the extended Cuban family unit, said Rosemarie Skaine, author of The Cuban Family: Custom and Change in an Era of Hardship.

This may be true , but just once I'd like to read somebody put the blame square on the shoulders of the one man who has caused all this.

Just Once.

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