27 April 2007

May Day .....

World Unions to Cuba for May Day

…Primero de Mayo ,
dia del Trabajo,
Dame tu mano trabajador…..

That was one of our nursery rhymes…

May 1st, the communist high holy day.

And Cuba’s official “Press” Agency informs us that:

Over 900 union leaders from 52 countries of the world have confirmed attendance
at the Cuban May Day celebration, the local press reported on Friday. (local press?, they must mean the government)

For Cuba to host "union leaders" is absurd. Cuba outlaws unions and its only worker’s organization,the CTC, is controlled by the same regime that employs all Cubans. Cuba's CTC exist as another layer of the regime's repression and exploitation of the Cuban worker.

It is inconcievable that 900 serious union leaders from 52 countries that don’t recognize that by attending the Cuban May Day celebration they are helping to repress and exploit the Cuban worker.

Let's see what the Associated Parrots have to say about this shindig.

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