26 April 2007

Brown Snow

Adjmi, now 70, turned up in Miami on Wednesday, a thin man shackled and handcuffed -- a prisoner and no longer a fugitive after the Cuban government put
him on a plane and sent him home to finally begin serving his U.S. sentence.

No, it's not snowing in Havana, but we are getting a snow job from Havana. And the snow making machines have been working overtime!

This geriatric criminal, now 70 , is sickly and is going to need very expensive medical care so they ship him back to the US so they don't have to provide him with their first class health care and get a propaganda coup, with the help their friends in the MSM showing how flexible, cooperative and reasonable the "new" Cuban government is. Soon they'll be comparing Adjmi to Posada.

Then there's the "release" of 6 dissidents this week:

More Cuban-Made snow for the American MSM skiers who will blindly ski down any slope that the Cuban regime tells them to, no questions asked.

While the headlines all say that the Cuban regime "released" six political prisoners, little attention is paid as to why these men were imprisoned in the first place and don't mention that they served and completed unjust sentences because of convictions on trumped up charges.

Thank goodness that in the UK's the Independent, they had a snow blower handy:

The releases come ahead of a high-level meeting between Cuba and Spain at which Havana will seek the permanent end of EU sanctions. The six freed men are Lazaro Alonso Roman, Manuel Perez Soria, Elio Enrique Chavez Ramon, Jose Diaz Silva, Emilio Leyva Perez and Dulian Ramirez Ballester.

While buoyed by the releases, opposition groups in Havana warned against over-interpreting their significance, noting that most had served their full terms.

Val over at Babalu is right . Get the snow plows ready cause there's a blizzard of brown snow in the forecast.
NY Times Link from MW


Mambi_Watch said...

It baffles me why some of you bloggers focus so much energy on the MSM. There's no question that the news will not likely cover a story as we would want it to, but you have an opportunity now to do so.

Amnesty International perhaps has the best available summary of the charges against Antúnez online, and other political prisoners too. But, you haven't even posted that information. Here you blame the MSM, and even you don't publicize the facts on your own blog, or even provide the links. Granted that you have the Independent piece, but is that all you are gonna give? Why not info from a Human Rights Organization?

Your charge against the "American MSM skiers" also lacks evidence. I went through some of the articles that relate to this story and they did not even mention the upcoming EU meeting connected to the release of these political prisoners. The New York Times for example, in a short piece, briefly mentions Antúnez being "freed" and his charges, but also summarizes the absurdity of Cuban trials with the recent incarceration of Rolando Jiménez Posada, and quotes Elizardo Sánchez.

It's brief, but I doubt it obeys "any slope that the Cuban regime tells them to."

You have to give examples. Otherwise readers are gonna accept the fact that you are just ranting.

Its not hard to provide the facts.

Here's the NYT article:

Here's AI's summary on Antunez:

You have the determination and resources at hand, so take advantage. Otherwise, your almost no different than some MSM reporter.

El Gusano said...

gee, MW who's ranting? me or you?

Unlike reporters, I openly admit to having an agenda, hence the name of the blog. this is my personal soap box to rage agaisnt the regime and its complicit supporters. I try to tell my story wrapped in sarcasm and metaphors (snow)and provide some links for those who want to explore the Cuban reality on their own.(link to Uncommon Sense) It's more a question of style than of detemination.

But, styles aside, thanks for the NYT link. Very interesting.

Jungle Mom said...

Hey gusano! I enjoy your rants! I can relate to most of them!

Mambi_Watch said...

El Gusano,

No question that you have an "agenda" or "style", but I ask: what is it based on? As I pointed out, your accusations of the MSM concerning the recent release of political prisoners appear weak if you don't provide the facts.

Jungle Mom will no doubt enjoy your posts, but what about readers who are new to the Cuban issue and your blog. They must be convinced with a solid argument, not by simply linking one article.

El Gusano said...

As usual we disagree, my friend. This isn't a research paper for Dr.Martin's International Relations Class at FIU, it's a blog entry with my opinion, based on current events and there are plenty of links for the motivated reader to keep on reading on the subject on Uncommon Sense,if they wish.

El Gusano said...


I know. I'm so very sorry you can relate.
bless you.