05 April 2007

Editor in Chief

Granpa just wrote his second editorial in Granma about the US and ethanol.

Let’s suspend reality for a minute and assume that Castro actually penned the whole diatribe.

Did he dictate it? Does he use a word processor, an old type writer, pencil and paper? Crayons?

This is the guy that micromanaged Cuba into the crumbling mess it is today and now they have relegated him to writing essays on the environment.

At least now the Cuban people are spared having to listen and watch the lunatic’s multi-hour speeches and they can wipe their behinds with his words.

1 comment:

Alfredo said...

the dictator thinks he is a expert in everything. That is why he destroyed the sugar crop, destroyed the Cuban economy, destroyed the Cuban culture, destroyed incentive, destroyed religion, destroyed the Cuban family, and all this because "HE" knows everything!