29 April 2007

A Little Bushit From Mayami.....

I keep hearing from people who know people that W, who has, for all intents and purposes, modeled his presidency after JFK, would like to “solve” the Cuba problem before he leaves office in 2009.

Speaking at the Miami Dade College’s graduation in the Miami suburb of Kendall, Bushito said that Cubans were dreaming of a better life:

"Unfortunately, those dreams are stifled by a cruel dictatorship that denies all freedom in the name of a dark and discredited ideology," Bush said, noting that any people at the graduation had roots in Cuba, which is just 90 miles (140 km) from Florida.

"Some of you still have loved ones who live in Cuba and wait for the day when the light of liberty will shine upon them again," Bush said. "That day is nearing."

The president does have to power to help at least some Cubans realize that dream of freedom. Unfortunately, his administration has chosen to do the opposite. He has continued the policy of “repatriating” Cubans in search of freedom by returning fleeing Cubans caught at sea back to their totalitarian nightmare. Under the Bush administration, Cubans seeking freedom have been water cannoned, pepper sprayed and even shot at by the US Coast Guard in desperate and inhumane attempts to prevent these refugees from totalitarian communist oppression from reaching the shore and being allowed to stay under the wet foot/dry foot policy.

To add insult to injury Mr. Bush , who owes his presidency to approximately 537 café drinking, cigar smoking , domino playing “viejos” in Little Havana and to the then Cuban American Mayor of Miami-Dade county, Alex Penelas, who did not allow the vote “interpretation” circus that occurred in Broward and Palm beach to take place in Miami-Dade, called for immigration reforms.:

"Our current immigration system is in need of reform. We need a system where our laws are respected," Bush said. "We need a system that meets the legitimate needs of our economy. And we need a system that treats people with dignity and helps newcomers assimilate into our society."

Call me crazy, but rescinding the wet foot/dry foot policy, would go a long way, at least partially, to achieving these two stated goals.

Among those at the commencement were some of the most vocal anti-Castro politicians in the U.S. Congress: Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. All three are Republicans from Florida.

I don’t understand why the Cuban American congressfolk in attendance weren’t screaming from the bleachers for Mr. Bush to stop the wet foot / dry foot policy and adhere to the Cuban Adjustment Act as it is written, I know I would have.


Charlie Bravo said...

Easy, they don't give a shit about it.Those balseros don't vote!

Charlie Bravo said...

by the way, Gusano, I linked this piece at the Black Sheep of Exile.

El Gusano said...

hey, thanks CB. Appreciate the help.

Charlie Bravo said...

No, I appreciate your help in divulging this. Their silence is just plain shameful.