17 April 2007

Zank You, Zapatero

Even though the Spanish foreign minister’s visit and negotiations with the Cuban tyranny appear to have had the positive effect of uniting the opposition into “Unity for Liberty”, the current Spanish foreign policy is a very real and dangerous roadblock to Cuba’s freedom.

The Contra Revolución has been very critical of the Zapatero government’s policy of “critical dialogue”. This foreign policy is designed to maintain the status quo and line the pockets of Spanish companies like Melia and the Cuban regime at the expense of the Cuban people. It also props up the regime and its apartheid tourist policy,

The complicity with which the Spanish Socialists display in their betrayal of the Cuban people to prop up Fidel Castro’s tyranny is not new. This attitude of treating Cuban citizens as anthropologically inferior species less deserving of the rights and freedom that all Spaniards enjoy today is a total betrayal of what the ideals that classical European Christian Socialism is supposed to espouse.

Nineteen years ago this week, back in 1988, when the United States was trying to get the UN to look into Cuba’s human rights record, Spain was again complicit in the betrayal of the Cuban people, Armando Valladares, an “graduate” of Castro’s political prison system, was then the chairman of the United State’s delegation to the UN’s Geneva Commission on Human rights. He tells a story of how the Spanish delegation to the UN would undermine any efforts to pass a resolution to get an international body to look into Cuba’s human rights abuses by trying to weaken it and by leaking the secret negotiations to the press. It got so bad, that Valladares had to meet with the delegates from countries that were serious about defending human rights world-wide in secret, without the Spanish delegate’s knowledge. What made this even more immoral is that the Spanish government of the then socialist Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez was publicly in favor of the resolution.

Felipe Gonzalez Socialist Government’s love of the tyranny was so tremendous, that it thoroughly embarrassed itself in an international forum when it was revealed that it was blatantly lying about what it knew regarding the violation of human rights in Cuba.

The Madrid daily ABC got hold of an official, confidential report on human rights in Cuba prepared for the Spanish government by Spaniards, which report concluded, to use language more economically than the UN, that there are no human rights in Cuba. But such is the fraternal feeling of Socialist Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez for Castro … that the government managed to suppress the report's circulation. Spain was left pretending to be unaware of the state of human liberties in Cuba, and was therefore determined to vote against the U.S. resolution.

Spain, under the socialist Zapatero, is continuing the Spanish Socialist tradition of working for the Cuban tyranny in the name of Socialism. Only now, they are more like Colonialists trying to regain the lost jewel in their tarnished Colonial crown.

Spain will now try to do the same that it did 19 years ago in Geneva in Brussels when it attempts to derail the EU’s common position on Cuba. It is going to claim that its policy of “critical dialogue” with the Cuban regime works better than sanctions and isolation favored by the defenders of democracy and human rights in Europe such as the Czechs and the Poles.

And Why?

Because, they are living back in the days of Mercantilism and Colonialism. They are afraid that once Cuba is free and Democratic, the big bad USA that sent them packing 110 years ago will do the same again. They don’t understand the creation of wealth and competition in the free market system allows for everyone to have a return on their investments if they give the customer what they want. In their blind greed they rather have a limited Cuban tourist market to themselves, rather than share an unlimited tourist market with other resort investors.

But, Cuba will regain its freedom and it’s not going to be the big, bad, USA that sends these immoral exploiters and opportunists back under the Rock of Gibraltar.

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Omar said...

The Spanish have, and continue to collaborate with the castro bunch with no regard to the suffering of the Cuban people. They fail to see beyond their greedy opportunistic noses.