21 April 2007

Fidel's Newest New Gig

Fidel has a new gig. Aside from writing op ed. pieces in Granma, little brother in charge Raul has put him to work greeting Cuba's Financiers.

It's not surprising that the once feared dictator has been put to work by the revolution. A few weeks ago, we learned that it is common for Cuban retirees to supplement their meager incomes with odd jobs to make ends meet.

It was not clear if Fidel, now 80, will be taking over any of his older brother Ramon's meet and greet ceremonial duties. You may have seen Ramon being trotted out to meet, greet and take pictures with visiting businessmen and investors. Back when Fidel was ruling the roost, they sometimes used to dress Ramon up in Fidel's fatigues and make him work as a body double for his younger brother.

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