20 April 2007

Germany and Cuba

With the Spanish government’s decision to bail on the Cuban people in favor of short term stability and profits, the traditional role that Spain had played under the previous government of the Partido Popular and José María Aznar, at the European Union of denouncing Cuba’s human rights abuses and lack of democracy has been vacated.

Enter Germany who is currently holds the European Union’s rotating chair. According to Dr. Ricardo Bofill in El Diario De Las Americas, Germany “inspired” by PM Merkel, who knows all too well the suffering of the Cuban people under Castro’s totalitarian regime since she he hails from the old East Germany, has been taking the lead in Geneva to oppose Castro’s human rights abuses and is expected to continue that role in the EU.

This is much welcomed news since the European Union will begin analyzing its common position on Cuba on Monday. Spain, acting as Castro’s representative, is expected to push towards a “critical dialogue” policy. Hopefully with Berlin on board, the Czech and Polish view that the EU should actively work towards a democratic transition on the island will prevail.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

The Cuban people are getting a raw deal. Now the tourists are getting a raw deal. The Spanish taxpayer is getting a raw deal. We know Raul is getting the sweetheart deal. What does the Spanish socialist party get out of their support? I'll bet they hope they will actually recoup some of that money that you and I know is gone forever! On the things you don't do list...right after pull on Superman's cape is "Don't lend money to Raul Castro."

El Gusano said...

hahaha you're right Tomas. Ideology trumps everything in the socialist mindset.

Mambi_Watch said...


Great coverage so far leading to the EU summit, keep it up. Can't wait to hear your opinions when they decide on the Common position.

Have you done any background research? Reading Joaquin Roy's (from UM) work for example?

El Gusano said...

estabas perdido.
o, i gotta feeling i'll be ranting up a storm. satus quo rules.
Roy? rtaher get my pro-castro anti-american propaganda right from the source and cut out the middleman -granma. (couldn't resist ;))

Mambi_Watch said...

Anti-American? Roy? I didn't know. What's your evidence? Or are you just on extreme anti-Castro mode?

El Gusano said...

extreme anti-Castro mode?
Is there anything else?!?
just messing with you. I have NO idea who he is. If he's the Spaniard who was a guest on Oppenheimer's program on mega--way to left of me..but so is Chenney...

Mambi_Watch said...

Too left? I don't think so. He's UM's researcher on the EU and has written extensively on the subject of EU's international policy. He's also appeared on Mano Limpia to discuss the EU's Common Position.

But, if you are watching Oppenheimer, then you can stomach Roy.