07 April 2007


Man, I have to stop eating before I go to bed.

Last night I had the weirdest nightmare.

I dreamt I was on the internet but the font was very tiny. I hit control and the scroll thingie on the mouse and the type got bigger. (hint, Jose)

And,… I was reading about all this controversy about legendary guitarist, Santanus, playing as a guest musician on Israeli singing sensation Glorietta Stefensburg’s upcoming album.

Crude reproduction of Santanus performing at the Osama's

Israelis and Jews around the world are unhappy with the Israeli singer for choosing Santanus as guest performer on her upcoming album “90 Miles of Barbed Wire” that celebrates the pre Holocaust history of the Jewish Music of Europe.

The reason for the controversy was that Santanus wore a Hitler Smiley shirt during a performance at the Osama awards in which the movie, “Watercolor Diaries” had been nominated for best song, The movie chronicled the adventures of a young, sensitive and restless Adolf Hitler traveling around Europe by train and painting landscapes. The post World War I poverty and suffering that the young painter witnessed in his journey "inspired" him to develop a radical and revolutionary political philosophy that would later change the world forever.

When confronted about his controversial attire, Santanus’ people issued a statement that explained that Santanus was honoring the memory of the young painter and not the Hitler that eventually caused the deaths of millions.

The shock woke me up.

Thank God nothing like that would ever happen in real life………


Jose Aguirre said...

Gusano, thanks for the tip, now I can read anything! That's a funny nightmare you had! If the E$tefan$ release that CD with the unrepentant Che loving Santana in it, I'll have to throw out all my old Gloria CDs.

Santanus said...

Hey,man Gusano. I know what that is. It’s the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle.

Anyway man, like I was saying that dude Hitler was a spiritual man and he loved his dog and everything and don’t forget that dog spelled backwards is God and all the mysticism that that implies.

Even though Hitler as a dictator was a bad person when he was a painter he gave joy to the world through his art and don’t forget that dog spelled backwards is God.

And even though he like helped bring about the destruction of Europe, it is a much stronger country now that it is unified the way he envisioned it only his method was too harsh his idea was visionary.

The Jewish people need to look at the big picture of a unified Europe with one currency and understand that all the death and destruction had a happy ending.