03 April 2007

Why Biscet for President of Cuba?

Why Not?

If you're a frequent visitor and have subjected yourself to my posts, You've probably noticed that, for the most part its one rant after another. One reaction to a story or an action by the regime after another. I have mostly been working against something. Raging against the regime. Hell, the name of the blog says it all.

Today, rather than react, It's time to act for a change.

We don't have to be on defense all the time, we too can go on offense.

We don't have to sit here with our arms crossed and watch them try to extend their tyrannical reign by legitimizing a succession through bogus and farcical "elections".

We don't have to watch as they force people to vote for the candidates they have chosen while they have the army, mobilized and on high alert, ready to slaughter the people who refuse to do what they're told.

We have to let the world and the Cubans on the Island know that there's an alternative.

Below, are Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet's principles. Simple Ideas. An alternative.

That's why he's languishing in a Cuban jail without medical attention because he represents a very simple alternative to their convoluted, corrupt and evil philosophy.

They know a very simple idea, FREEDOM, can bring them down.

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? " RFK

Fundacion Lawton de Derechos Humanos

Lawton Foundation for Human Rights

Habana, Cuba

Declaration of Principles of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

1. We demand the Unconditional freedom of the people of Cuba under a multi-party System of government democratically elected at all levels and with complete guarantee of freedom of expression for all, including the governments’ detachment from the country’s means of communication.

2. The repeal of the illegitimate communist constitution of 1976 and the establishment of a Sovereign Constitutional Assembly to draw amendments to the Democratic Constitution of 1940, including the absolute adhesion to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and the abolition of the death penalty. These amendments should be ratified by the elected representatives.

3. The establishment of a state that will guarantee equality to all citizens before the Law, without discrimination based on race, sex, ethnic group, or religious beliefs and which will end the System of oppression and apartheid established under the communist regime.

4. The dissolution of all political, propagandistic, and repressive organizations created by the communist regime since January, 1959 with an emphasis on the development of independent civic institutions that will forge democracy for the new society.

5. Unconditional and immediate amnesty for all political prisoners.

6. Free access to Cubans and their children, who live outside the country, to enter and cave the country at will with the same citizen rights as those who live inside the Country.

7. The compromise to fund a first-rate free educational system, with no political orientation. Also a basic health system that can be afforded by the poorest ones.

8. The recognition of private property and free enterprise as the main pillars, to pursue the economic well-being of the country together with a guarantee to of workers of their right to organize independent labor unions that will promote collective interests.

9. The restructuring of the armed forces and its strict isolation from the economic and political activities and responsibilities of the country.

10. Once democracy has been established, lobby for the elimination of the United States commercial embargo and for the opening to foreign economic assistance until Cuba can establish a base for its economic rehabilitation.


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St. Jose said...

Anhelo profundamente un 2008 con un Biscet presidente...es verdad...¿por qué no?

Ya es hora, Cuba se merece la libertad.

Viva Cuba Libre.