04 April 2007

Meanwhile, back to the rants.

Return on Investment.

Human nature makes us do things in our own interest. Without “the what’s in it for me?” part of the human psyche, we’d have no progress.

So called Marxists revolutionaries like Castro, Guevara and now Chavez, want to fly in the face of human nature. Build a Better Beast, if you will. Change mankind. And since that's not possible, they then turn to changing behavior which of course, leads to brutal oppression.

Industries, companies, products even people have a value , not set by human socio-economic behavior, but by what return or benefit it achieves for the revolution.

The crumbling Tourism Industry in Cuba, the now defunct agricultural giant that was King Sugar, for example, are now victims of the revolutionary economics of Castro and Guevara.

PVDSA which now exists to finance Chavez’s dream of spreading the ideas of Castro and Guevara throughout Latin America seems to be headed down the same road. The vast profits that Venezuela can make in today’s oil market are not being reinvested back into the oil industry, but into the black hole of collectivism. The company then, hasto sell bonds in order to raise capital to make the necessary investments that will allow it to generate more money to throw into the same black hole.

But try as they might, they will never be able to change human nature. Take Dr. Biscet, for example. He was born in 1961. The year that Castro’s revolution morphed from being as green as the palm trees to as red as the blood soaked cobblestones in La Cabaña, a true child of the revolution. And yet, take a look at his principles. Some return on investment.

And speaking of return on investments, what return does Spain expect to get by selling the Cuban people into slavery once again for a few Euros?


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments, but a bit idealistic and naviee.

To start with, I agree that Cuba's tourist industry is hurting but to call it "crumbling" is hyperbole at best, and a lie a worst. I too wish it was "crumbling" but its just hit a point of slower growth if not a bit of retraction, but "crumbling", only if you choose selective data. And its relative, compared to 2000, Cuba's tourism is booming, compared to 2006 maybe not.

You write:
"And speaking of return on investments, what return does Spain expect to get by selling the Cuban people into slavery once again for a few Euros?"

I agree with this sentiment whole heartedly, yet I would suspect that most Cubans living on the isla don't see it that way one bit. The favorite countries of all of the Cubans I know on the isla (average cubans) are the ones that have presence their now. This is why most typical cubans on la isla want to go to France, they also really seem to like Spain and also Canada.. I am not saying this is good, but its the reality. . Cubans just don't see it as spain coming to enslave them, in fact its the opposite. Cubans on the island probably are totatlly happy that Spain is there and that realtions between their two countries seems to be improving.

Russia and China are other examples, the more Russian and China companies do business with Cuba, the more the cubans living on la isla seem to support both countries.
Prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous-when will the Cubans on the island and in exile be able to elect their own REAL President for Cuba and speak freely?

El Gusano said...


i don't say its crumbling the miami herald, cuban govet employees dissidents and toursist say it crumbling. the physical structures are crumbling.

you have a very low opinion of the cubans on the island they are not dumb and they know who is taking advantage of them.