25 April 2007

Lucky to Have Havel

Cubans can have no better advocate than former dissident and Czech president Vaclav Havel.

During a two-day meeting of the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (ICDC) in Berlin, Havel advocated for Human Rights in Cuba.

Havel Created the ICDC whose members include former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former Spanish PM Jose Maria Aznar and Nobel Literature Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa from Peru.

The comments were addressed at the European Union which, in Havel’s opinion, lags behind the US in promoting Democracy and human rights world-wide.:

"Europe should catch up with the United States in its effort at human rights,"

Havel , like the Czech Republic he used to lead and other ext-communist EU member countries “ are among the major critics of the Cuban regime and refuse to cooperate with it while some western countries are more accommodating towards the regime of Fidel Castro”.

On the other side of the coin, sits Spain, whose Zapatero government is working towards bringing the EU’s position closer to their own policy of cooperating with and propping up the struggling Cuban regime for stability’s (profits') sake.
Update: Ziva has More on the conference here.

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Anonymous said...

I have no problem with dissonance, not in the USA nor in Cuba, nor in China and Russia.

The problem that you have is describing “dissonance” meaning disobedience, and as Martin Luther King Jr. said to paraphrase, when such laws violate the basics of human rights, as slavery and injunctions against civil rights, such laws aught not to be obeyed.

However, in Cuba I have seen nothing of the sort. In fact Cuba is one of the most racially distributed and combined nations on earth. As such is reflected in the Cuban constitution as being socialist, that government is to strive for the well being every citizen. Is this wrong? Not hardly.

The only question that remains is “How are governments do this?” How far to go or not to go. How are these issues of human justice and the role of government, to be resolved, to bring finality, and by what means the populace will accept? Is fact, no country will give into threats, nor any common person, so any threats to intimidate a country, or a people, is not accepted. The USA is not any exception, much less Cuba, and any other nation of education with ways and means to survive.

I think by far too much importance has been given to Castro, and we do not look at the nation of Cuban people, the systems they created that work of organizations that brings prosperity, and to imply without verified facts, that millions of Cubans rather leave than stay is truly propaganda.

If there is a fault, and the USA is counted as a world leader of good things, then in what Castro prevailed in is what the USA has been negligent in—and that is basic education free for all and the more the better.

I endorse the right to descent, but by legal means without hurting neither property nor persons. Yes, I am educated in the USA; I hope my ignorance does not show too much. To raise a barrier between people of difference nations, as the USA has done with Cuba, can NEVER serve humanity, but is the foundations of violence and wars.

Therefore, if people want dissonance in Cuba, I also want dissonance in the USA, and I demand full discloser, the rule of laws well tried in our courts and on going with rights of appeals, and an educated public, and not one common person hurt, nor personal property damaged in the possess.

However, in all honesty, for me to ask for good reasoning, in a violent and greedy world, No doubt I am the one at fault.