22 April 2007

Don't Worry, Be A Commie

Life expectancy in Cuba is almost as high as in the US.

Which just means you get to suffer the totalitarian oppression a little while longer.

Given the “shortages and hardships” that Cubans suffer, this is baffling. So, the answer must be the result of regime’s generous benevolence. Free healthcare and stress free living in a climatic paradise.

You guys that spend your whole day hating Castro for shooting you uncle Jose or for confiscating your parent’s home and or business just don’t understand or appreciate the stress free living that the revolution ushered in.

Totalitarian governments make all your decisions for you. No need to stress out about where to work, what to eat, what to wear or even what to think. It’s all taken care of.

No need to stress about your neighbors being better off than you because everybody is pretty much equally miserable.

There’s no stressing about what to get your kids for their birthday or Los Reyes Magos. They don’t expect anything.

And that is really the biggest gift Fidel and his revolution has bestowed on our Island Paradise. They have taken away the stress of the future. The future has been cancelled by decree. No need to stress about whether things will be better tomorrow because you know they won’t. Tomorrow will be just as crappy or crappier than today. There’s nothing you can do about it. No need to stress. No expectations.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

There's another reason. Those liars are the ones doing the counting. Do they subtract from life expectancy numbers for those drowned in the straits?

St. Jose said...

Si, actualmente, en Cuba se vive más: eso significa que la sociedad está obligada a vivir más años y los último años de vida bajo una dictadura destructora y en un pueblo que sufre por culpa de ese asesino llamado: Kasstro.

Viva Cuba Libre.
Abajo Fidel.

Saludos, bro.!

Anonymous said...

Personally I think if a person does not like their political leadership they should be able to move, or work for changes accordingly.

But your rant about Cuba does not hold water. The barrier is set by the USA in the Helms Burton act, exclusive to the USA, 200 hundred years of wanting Cuba as a greedy USA monster, and NOT by the world at large, or that of Cuba.

If you want to move, and do it legally, then you should be able to do that, no questions asked by me. But that is not the real world. You fail to consider that I as a USA citizen would like to move also, but I cannot for many reasons. I feel as a captive, restrained and forced to stay where I am as a law-abiding citizen. I cannot go to Cuba, by USA laws, nor many other countries, and in this respect, I am a slave in bondage.

From my perspective, having traveled all over the USA, give me one breath of “Cuban Air” and I will feel FREE. As you work to leave Cuba, I work to arrive, much like a person has to exhale before another can inhale in this crowded world.

If I see one more McDonalds, I will puke my brains out. Then torture is a matter of perspective, YES? Though Cuba is not the shining light of humanity, nor the USA, Cuba offers what many of us don’t have in the USA, and that is opportunity. Give me a crack in the international laws and I’m a runner for good things. I’m sorry others don’t share my perspective, nor energy, but I can’t change by American propaganda about country we do not know as a fact.

Castro is easily defeated, but not in the way you would like. Castro is not even a stepping-stone, as NO one person has ever at any time in human history kept a good people down, Cuba included, as fact to this date. I sense you feel failed in your endeavors, but cheer up; the very best is yet to come. When one dullard, mostly insane, leader expires another will take their place, just as in the USA, and we common people survive and prosper in spite of it all.