23 April 2007

Sheryl "Skid Mark" Crow

Ms. B sent me one of her cryptic communiques this morning:

"Everyday is Winding Skid mark, I hope she doesn't wear a thong and a white dress. But then again, she probably thinks her shit is colorless and odorless"

What the hell does that mean?!?

OK. So after the first cup of coffee, I read about Sheryl Crow's comments.

Now what many of you don't know is that I'm a closet tree hugger and that I have more than a passing interest in toilet paper since for most of my childhood, toilet paper was a luxury I had to live without.


I have and idea, Sheryl makes CD's for a living, right. Let's talk about the carbon footprint of a CD:

This is hard to follow and swallow:

The footprint for a CD starts with the extraction of the oil used to make the plastic. HUGE

Then there's the manufacturing process for the plastic which is horribly non-eco friendly. (and smelly)

Then there's the whole burning of the CD and its packaging in paper and more plastic and that freaking tape thing that makes it impossible to open a stupid CD without breaking the dammed thing, but I digress..

Then there's the transport of the CD to the store.

And the marketing of the CD. Poor Sheryl flying hither and dither leaving skid marks all over the place to promote the CD.

Wait, and there's the long term effect of the CD's disposal.

I mean she's single handedly destroying the Earth.

If we really want to save the Planet, we should set a huge world-wide music sharing system where only one person has to buy a CD and the rest of us can just "borrow" it.

I know that the recording artists just play music for the love of it anyway so they wont mind that the Earth and not their pocket will be a greener place.

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