02 April 2007

Double Takes

Ever see those bad actors in bad movies or TV programs do a double take. Like a bad impersonation of Buckwheat?

Well, it seems that just about every Monday I do the same while I read the news items.

Here’s a gem:

Why Growth Is Bad, Gardens Good and Cuba Key to Oil-Free Future

So I just had to read. It’s a religious article from a disciple of the Church of Mother Earth named McKibben who has written lots of books and is so smart that he comes up with this:

He admires the Cubans for having increased their output of food after the loss of Soviet aid by creating thousands of urban gardens, including more than 200 in the Havana area.

That makes Cuba less reliant on the global system of supply, and perhaps points in a promising direction for even the U.S. --or so McKibben concludes.


McKibben here, who probably grew up never wanting for anything, sounds like he’s been sampling some herbs from an urban garden somewhere in Jamaica.

So, Cuba has decreased its demand from the global system of supply by relying on thousands of urban gardens. It’s not because the Castro Mafia doesn’t buy enough food to feed the population. It’s because of the Urban Gardens. The Urban Gardens! which are illegal unless they’re government run and where the produce from these gardens gets sold in an illegal black market.

This is the kind of person that hates the Archer Daniels Midlands of the world because they are destroying the family farms, but glorifies Castro who upon coming to power confiscated ALL family farms, making Cuba once an agriculturally self-sufficient country and net exporter of produce, an importer of two thirds of its food supply.

What this tool likes about Cuba is that it’s a command economy where the ideologically pure elite get to make the economic decisions for everybody else.

Why is it that people like this don’t join the Amish?

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