03 April 2007

Who's in Raúl's Sights?

According to Granma, The “Official Organ of the Cuban Communist Party”, (via La Nueva Cuba) little brother Raúl has announced that the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, (you may hate these guys, but they have such official sounding cool names for everything! Maybe that’s what the left sees in the Cuban Revolution , you know, style over substance.), will remain mobilized until late 2008. Cuba’s armed forces have been on high alert since Jul 31, when big brother Fidel, former lawyer, baseball player, beggar man, thief, dictator and now op ed. writer of the “Official Organ of the Cuban Communist Party” bust a gut.

If you’re still reading you’re either shrugging and getting ready to click the back button or you’re wishing I’d get to the point. OK!


According to Raúl, the army is and will remain mobilized to “preserve the Revolution from any attempt of military aggression by the enemy”

The enemy? Well there’s the US but a battle with the US would last what, half an hour? Besides, is the US really Cuba’s enemy? It’s number one supplier of food and its number one supplier of hard currency via – exile remittances maybe, but not its enemy.

Reading between the lines…..

The real enemy of the Castro’s revolution has always been Cuba and the Cuban people. And the only threat to the revolution comes internally, from these 11 or so million captives, not from any external sources.

In the last couple of months, Raúl Castro has been shown on TV visiting and inspecting and testing the Cuban military installations around the Island. And now, this “announcement.”

This is a show of force for sure, but not for any foreign audience, it’s for internal consumption. It’s a warning to the Cuban people that Raúl will not hesitate to unleash the deadly force of his military on an unarmed populace. He’s showing them the guns and the tanks and letting them know what’s in store for them should there be any spontaneous celebrations, protests or demonstrations when his big brother’s dark heart finally stops beating.

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