14 April 2007

Associated Parrots (AP)

In its never ending mission to parrot all of the absurd statements from the Cuban, and now Venezuelan regimes, we have today's "report" from the AP:

Cuban foreign minister says Fidel Castro is recovering well
Associated Press (parrots)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday said his close friend and ally Fidel Castro has ``almost totally recovered'' from his illness, and Cuba's foreign minister said the ailing leader is getting stronger every day.

“Almost totally recovered is the very reliable information that I keep receiving,'' Chavez said. ``The reports that I have and that keep arriving speak of _ and not only the reports but his own notes, his voice on the telephone ... a doctor would say real recovery.''

Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Roque, traveling in Vietnam, said Castro had improved steadily.

``President Fidel Castro is recovering very well”

So where is he?

The Associated Parrots never questions any statement form Cuba or Chavez and accept these statements from known liars and propagandists as verified undeniable facts, something they would never do with an American or British government source, for example.

They don’t tell you that back in December of last year when the Bolivarian Macaw, Chavez, was squawking that Castro was so well that he was walking the valleys and fields of Cuba at night , the old man was literally at death’s door.

If Mr. Egomaniac is in that good of a shape, he would have dragged himself in front of a TV camera long ago.

The fact of the matter is that all rumors indicate that Castro, as a result of the effects of all the anesthesia administered to him in the many operations which were performed on him, has never really regained full control of his faculties and emotions.

Until he addresses the Cuban people LIVE, we have to assume that this is all smoke and mirrors, lies and propaganda. In other words, take it from the source.


Charlie Bravo said...

What do you mean Gusano, that the free press is lying to us? That they are not that free? That they are indeed and instrument to ape and parrot the tyrant (or the junta of petty tyrants) of certain neighboring island?
(sarcasm was on, now it's off)
Those mo'fo'kers have a very clear agenda since the cold war times: to promote the advance of commiedom in the world!
And you're right, our sources have reported that kasstro will not be able to regain the use of his faculties, and that the anesthetics HE wanted used on him (ah, it was his own order how freaking sweet!) ravaged his malignant brain to a mush.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

It means the end is near and they are VERY desperate people.

El Gusano said...

CB: I had not heard that the Surgeon General himself had prescribed a specific anesthesia!HA! did you hear also that he has lost all emotional control and goes from tantruns to depression to euphoria in like 30 seconds? sweeeet.
TEP:they're up agaisnt the ropes. but it's their ring.

Charlie Bravo said...

Gusano, he had suffered from those emotional rollercoasters much before the operation. He had what you would call now an anger management problem, since his youth. He sent people to be killed on the shooting squads without batting an eye, to then spiral into depression, not out of regret, mind you, but out of waht somebody I respected very much called the "loniliness of the tyrants".
It's gotta be a bitch now that he prescribed his own anesthetic and that it has worsened his crazy moods.
All we have gather indicates that he's not allowed in public because raul fears a major embarrassment, that would be a theme for a post onto itself.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Imagine...Fidel imprisoned by his own police state. Maybe he'll get lucky and escape running through the town naked as a jay bird screaming like a lunatic?

Fantomas said...

dile al papagayo venezolano ese que se calle la boca ... es un bocon