18 April 2007

Lotta Esplainin for Espain

The Zapatero government’s ploy to legitimize Raul Castro’s succession and maintain the status-cash cow-quo for Spanish corporations and the Cuban regime has gone over like a lead balloon.

It has given the opposition party in Spain, Partido Popular, plenty of ammunition against the ruling Socialist party. In a news conference Mariano Rajoy of the PP, expressed his displeasure at the Zapatero government’s expressed support of the “new” regime in Havana saying that the move was myopic and that it had alienated Spain form the freedom and democracy loving people of Cuba.

What did Rajoy mean by myopic? Well, he added that Spain could not afford to loose the love and respect of the Cuban people that someday soon would be the masters of their own destiny. He’s right Cubans have long memories, lots of pride and are loyal to a fault. How do you say Buh-Bye, Melia? P’al Carajo?

Rajoy also added that his party is against the succession currently taking place in Cuba and that they supported a transition to democracy.

Meanwhile, the Zapatero government is getting a little heat from a certain world power. In a Luxembourg press conference, reporters, asked Moratinos about being called to task by the US State Department as to why he ignored dissident calls for a meeting, Moratinos responded that Spain had been in touch with American diplomats before, during and after his trip to Havana. I would guess especially after, since Trinidad Jiménez, Spanish Secretary of State for Latin America, will be traveling to Washington to personally esplain to Thomas Shannon the purpose, scope and result of the now infamous Moratinos trip to Havana.

Trini has a lotta esplainin to do.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

In Cuba there are 3 political parties - the living, the dead and the dying.

Charlie Bravo said...

Judging by the constant blunders of the Department of State and the historical infiltration of reds in it in everything regarding Cuba, I see the connection now! Maybe Moratinos actually consulted with them!

El Gusano said...

you!,you! you guys are cynical (but funny)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Trinidad Jimenez would have to explain anything to Washington. Spain is a free , democratic and autonomous country.

So why, then, would "trini" have a lotta expalining to do? Are spainards beholden to USA? are they beholden to you?

of course not.

I love the US, but have you ever been to Spain? lot cooler (and smarter) than USA, and the girls are so much hotter too!

Anonymous said...

Charlie it seems real, real silly when you note that the "reds are in the state dept."

give me a break you conspiracy wacko.

I would suggest that your wild hyperbole stems from jealousy. Just b/c you would never get hired by the state department b/c you lack the qualifications, don't brand them as all as "reds" .. you are a silly rabit..

I probably agree with you that many in the State dept. may be left-leaning (b/c most in the state department have graduate degress from elite schools), BUT that doesn't mean they are 'reds'. .Silly goose you are..

In the end, your comments about the state dept. tell me that you are just jealous/envious than a real critic. Anybody who suggests that the state dept. is full of 'reds' suggests to me that perhaps you are one of those dangerous conspiracy theorists. Right winged `conspiracy theorists are just as nutty as left wing (Mr. M. Moore) ones.

El Gusano said...


Thats kinda like my point. Very odd that the Spanish Socialist gov't , who abhor, W., would send Trini to washington to esplain in person. ???? wassup with that?

I know that given your limited cognative abilities, it probably went over your head, but the esplainin is a takeoff on a Desi Arnaz line from I love Lucy. just to keep things light.like humor.

yes, the spaniards are real enlightened thus the bullfights and the stoning of dogs and all those scientific and technological breakthroughs...

and i like women with good personal hygene habits which rules out most of europe.....

Charlie Bravo said...

Anonymous, have you read my resume? No? Oh well, you must then be a clairvoyant, a bad one though.