02 October 2006


From Prensa Latina:

Cuban Ch
ildren´s Congress Preps

Havana, Oct 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuban children are working today on the preparation of their organization´s Congress in which, no matter their age, they could talk about serious question related to the present and future education.

Almost 1000 children delegates will attend the IV Congress of the Pioneers Organization Jose Marti (OPJM) in session at the Convention Palace from Saturday, October 7 through 9.

They represent over one million 400 thousands members of this important Cuban student"s organization, according to Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

The Congress will work in five commissions: Elementary Education, Higher Education, Vocational Training, Organization and Culture, Sports and Recreation.

Children from other provinces will attend this national meeting and develop an intense program of recreational and cultural activities.

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Yes, the children of Cuba, that egalitarian socialist paradise, will get together and "talk about serious question related to the present and future education." whatever that means. It would be great if with great revolutionary zeal they demanded an education instead of the obnoxious indoctrination and brainwashing they have to endure everyday.

The exploitation of these children, designed to create the communist ideal of a new man with no moral compass but the state, should be condemmed by the UN as child abuse and child labor.

Another example of how by creating the Pioneros modeled after the Nazi's Hitlerjugend,the tyrant of Havana used Adolf Hitler as a role model.

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