17 October 2006


And from the Cuba’s official press and propaganda agency , Prensa Latina, we learn that today starts the 27th Latin American Chemistry Congress in Havana, Cuba.

The conference features a lecture from Nobel price winning Florida State University, (my Florida Tax Dollars at work.), professor Harry Kroto on “Architecture in Nanometric Dimensions”. The latest , greatest and hottest thing in scientific circles these days is nanotechnology .Cutting edge Cuba, is of course, way ahead of the nanotechnology curve, having pioneered the nanostate, nanorepression and nanonarcissism in the years since the nanotyrant took over and developed the na, “no hay na” society.

The conference, which runs until October 20th, will be attended by over 800 attendees form 55 nations and various world-wide terrorist organizations, will include workshops on teaching chemistry, natural products, environment, industrial chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and biomaterials.

Absent from the agenda, however, are any conferences, workshops or symposiums targeted to help the needs of the average Cuban since the Cuban government’s priorities are in presenting a façade of technological advancement and progress rather than dealing with feeding, clothing and housing its enslaved populous.

Most advantageous would be that the conference come up with a method for the Cuban people to nanofabricate some toilet paper. Because after 47 years of revolutionizing chemistry, biology and physics, the Cuban government is still unable to provide its citizens with toilet paper.

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Alfredo said...

This time I am not proud being a Nole fan! Here is the prof's personal website and e-mail. Just in case ya'll want to express how you feel:


Anonymous said...

Que sinvergüencería...venir a hacer un congreso así...mientras el pueblo sufre día a días con cosas que debieran ser básicas.


Viva Cuba Libre!

El Gusano said...

Alfredo thanks, I googled the guy . he's also in the dictionary under nanomoron.

St Jose:tan sinverguenzas son los que hacen la conferencia como los que van a participar en el apartied y la explotacion del nuestro pueblo.