17 October 2006

Journalistic Repression

News Flash: for those who have just been thawed out after a 50 year cryogenic slumber, we have an official US government paper on journalistic repression in Cuba.

The US government may want to send a few of its keystone cops err i mean, crack agents down to South Florida to see how journalists here in the free country are harrassed and maligned from afar by a newspaper who seems to have a nefarious relationship with the press repressive tyranical regime in Havana.


Washington -- Despite the temporary transfer of governmental power in Cuba on July 31, the Cuban dictatorship continues to subject independent journalists in the Caribbean nation to "constant harassment," says a human rights official for the Organization of American States (OAS).

In an October 12 quarterly report on the state of freedom of expression in the Americas, the OAS official, Ignacio Álvarez, reiterated his concern over the situation of journalists in Cuba who have been imprisoned or face other forms of repression from the Cuban dictatorship. (See related article.)

... and This:

Álvarez, the OAS "special rapporteur" for freedom of expression in the Americas, said that from the most recent period reported -- July 1 to September 30 -- independent journalists in Cuba were "arbitrarily and repeatedly imprisoned, and were physically attacked and threatened by agents" of the Cuban government

Absent from the abhorent treatment of these freedom fighting heroes was "canine metaphor" namecalling, character assassination and unemployment, which is what the Havana regime reserves for its most vociferous journalistic critics working in the free market press abroad, through its accomplices in "The Miami Herald" and others.

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