30 October 2006

Cuba's Dissident Movement

Italian freedom fighter Stefania continues her crusade to enlighten the world about Cuba's dissident movement. The tireles activist's latest article in town Hall tries to shift the focus from the ailing Cuban dictator to the democratization efforts taking place .

Cuba's Dissident Movement Grows Stronger as Castro
By Stefania Lapenna
Sunday, October 29,

Despite the official claims from the communist regime in Cuba that the tyrant Fidel Castro is recovering, and could soon return to power, the reality on the ground is that he has terminal cancer, as a TIME article wrote quoting US intelligence officials, and will never see his throne again.

However, when it comes to Cuba, most of the media's focus has been on Castro's illness and his brother's handling of power. Very little attention, if any, is put on the unprecedented activities being carried out by the internal opposition.

The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society is a coalition of 365 political parties, movements and independent libraries. Its leader is the 60-year-old independent economist Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello. The majority of the opposition groups in the island are members of or support
the Assembly. Unlike more soft coalitions such as the Oswaldo Paya's Varela Project, which demand reforms to the constitution of the communist regime, the groups belonging to the Assembly look for democratic regime change. They don't believe in the possibility of any democratic change coming from the Cuban rulers.

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If you get a chance while you are at Townhall, drop Stefenia a line and thank her for her hard work towards Cuba's freedom.

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