02 October 2006

Trendy Totalitarians

Hey, I'm checking out all the fine work being done by the anti-tyrant bloggers this morning and i'm discerning a pattern emerging:

Raul decrees That the CTC must lead the fight agaisnt corruption and names Salvador Valdés Mesa as its new head.

Juventud Rebelde publishes an investigative reporting piece..(I know try not to laugh ..maybe Corrales took a few days off and went down to moonlight for Juventud Rebelde)..about how half the state owned businesses (all) cheat their customers.

Ya No Mas! posts that the regime is fining those citizens that because of poor hygene are aiding the spread of Aedes Aegyti, the mosquito that spreads Dengue Fever.

So now it's the Cuban people that are to blame for the failures of the Cuban government to run its business and provide adequate social services.

They must be punished and further repressed for allowing the government to fail them.

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