06 October 2006

No GAS for YOU , One Month

The gas nazi has a new friend. His new friend is nuclear threat nazi. So poor little dictator has been nazi gets pushed aside. Ouch!

According to Reuters, PDVSA which is Chavez's oil company is not exporting any unleaded gasoline to Cuba in October. Now, that's bad news for the typical Cuban household who usually have a half-ton pick-up truck for the husband and an Expedition or Suburban for the wife. Oh wait that's the Miami-Mafia. Sorry, I get them confused. They're both so chihuahua like I can't tell them apart.

Anyway, the stoppage has been confirmed by ship brokers in the United States which is currently under the Satanic rule of the Devil himself.

But here's the wierd part . The ship brokers and traders where surprised becasue PDVSA had just made a deal to deliver a 38,000 tonne tanker to IRAN late in October in an oil-for-equipment barter deal. I wonder if Kojo Anan gets a cut. Wait that was oil for food.

"The whole scenario doesn't make a lot of sense," said a trader in the United States. "Venezuela usually prioritizes Cuba above the rest."

I know this sounds like I'm making the Bolivarian President of Venezuela sound like a greedy, traitor for giving Fidel's gas to Wassishisnameimajad or that I'm trying to drive a wedge between the lovebirds.I know it sounds like some more Radio Marti Chihuahua Bark, but it aint.

Check it out for yourself

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