27 October 2006

Posada Carriles Circus is Coming to Town

Now that the Exile has set up a committee to free Oscar Posada Carriles, the MSM, doing the Anti-American bidding of the tyrant in Havana and his trained stooge in Caracas, will begin its full court press to inform the American masses about how grampa over here is the biggest most cold hearted evil terrorist to ever work for the CIA.

Two thoughts:

1)If the rest of the CIA had half the convictions and internal fortitide that this guy has , there would not have been a 9-11.

2)It is Castro and Chavez, two guys that hate your country, your kids and your pets just because they are American, that have started a propaganda campaing to extradite this man. I can understand ignoring these two bumbs when they insult America, but not when you listen to them when they try to manipulate the system. America should never let its enemies dictate its actions. There is no moral equivalent between the USA and the tinhorn tyrants that hate it.

And, by the way, Posada-Carriles was twice acquitted of planning the bombing of the Cuban plane in Venezuela back when Venezuela had a more legitimate court system than the Chavista kangaroo court system that has been set up by the Hugo Chavez regime. As a Nation of laws, we cannot allow an individual to be sent back to a hostile government to be tried a third time for the same thing. There is no new evidence agaisnt this man, only a new court, rigged to convict.

From La Nueva Cuba:

Posada Carriles is a victim of anti-democratic political interest forces that attempt to coerce the US government. The prosecutor’s arguments in keeping him detained represent an abuse of power, coupled with the apathy or lack of knowledge of a large segment of the international press that ignores many details of his background.

Maintaining Posada Carriles incarcerated is an injustice, for Posada has no felony charges against him in the United States and was twice absolved of alleged terrorism in Venezuela by both civilian and military tribunals. In spite of being twice acquitted in Venezuela, he was unjustly incarcerated in that country for nine years due to political pressure.

In the United States, the only charge against Posada is that of illegal entry, something he had to do to protect his life as he has been a target of several assassination attempts by Castro’s intelligence officers.

Being the US a nation of laws, the prosecutor’s position is not justified in delaying justice in the case of Posada Carriles. Late justice can become injustice.


ziva said...

It is disgusting that he is still being held. I hope that if enough of us make noise, they will release him as they should have done long ago. TTo hell with the Cuban & Venezuelan propaganda.

El Gusano said...

This is an MSM created "issue". They parrot castro/chavez propanganda, but only because it serves their purpose of undermining W's war on terror. Bush is their enemy not the bad guys,so they become the mouthpieces to these terrorist states in order to cripple W's ability to defend America. They have put themselves in a position that they only win when th US looses so they root for our enemies.