12 October 2006

De que No Van, No Van

In another example of the colossal failure of the Cuba de-evolution, we know learn that Cuba is looking for foreign investors to help it revive its once mighty industry. Cuban sugar used to be King. The cash crop as well as a source of National Pride. Not Now.
According to a an article in The Washington Times By Carmen Gentile The Cuban regime is dreaming of “restarting” its sugar industry.

The island is producing a fraction of the sugar it did just 30 years ago. During the 1970s, Cuba was producing about 8 million tons of sugar a year. The Caribbean nation will likely produce just 1.3 million tons of sugar this growing season, according to forecasts.

The factors contributing to the decline in production are incompetancy and the proven failure of Marxism and its penchant for nationalizing industries and running them into the ground with capricious beuracracies run by political cronies and aparatiks rather than experts.

Cuba is looking to get into the alternative fuels business by producing Ethanol.

In order to get its sugar industry back on track, Cuba will need an estimated $4.4 billion in capital. The problem for the regime is that there is no capital in socialist workers paradises like Cuba, only misery which can’t be used as collateral. So, they are forced to look for outside investors. Now call me crazy, but, isn’t that what the Castro’s Utopia was supposed to eradicate?

The only real solution to jumpstarting Cuba's ethanol ambitions, some analysts say, would be an end to President Fidel Castro's 47-year regime coupled with the cessation of the U.S. embargo. By that study's calculations, sugar would become Cuba's No. 1 source of revenue once production levels return to 1970s levels -- far surpassing the $2 billion Cuba now earns from tourism

Hey, I’m an analyst, honest. I have another solution: Get rid of the terror twins in Havana and the “emgargo” goes with them. It’s a win-win for everybody.

I'm tired of our women having to have to sell themselves to foreigners. I'm tired of our children being used as slave labor. I'm tired of our men being beaten and languishing in jails. This analyst says that the only real solution to Cuba's problem is getting rid of Castrism and thus the embargo.

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