19 October 2006

The Dog days of Fall

You gotta love these guys over at the Herald. It’s been my theory all along that their primary problem with us Cubans is that we don’t act the way they expect immigrants to act.

They want to be proud pet owners. They want their little dogs to obey , do tricks, beg, roll over and play dead. Those pesky Chihuahuas! Hitting us in the nose with a rolled up, poor exuse for a newspaper hasn't worked.

So now they found themselves a new pet, a lapdog, Chihuahua like, and they’re going to train us to do an immigrant trick. They will teach us by example. Ruff!

In a Miami Herald Opinion Piece:

Why fix Fidel, anyway? The GOP has successfully pimped the Cuban vote for years. The Castro regime's survival actually guarantees the automatic delivery -- year in and year out -- of the bulk of a crucial ethnic vote in a crucial electoral state. The issue for the party is not fixing Fidel at all, but rather how to make up for his absence. He will be missed.

There are several reasons -- none of them Cuba -- why I will vote Democratic this time again. The mess in Iraq, the degradation of our civil liberties and our natural environment and, worse, a sinking feeling that the current administration is inept and, consequently, adrift. Most galling of all is what my formerly esteemed GOP has become: an electioneering machine that has turned Jesus into a mascot and pretends to be franchised by God while doing the ungodly.

This guy was given some bad Purina Chow by his owners. Or maybe his flea collar is on too tight.

Yes, no American president has done anything about Cuba because Kennedy, a Democrat, promised not to.

Some of us would love to vote Democratic again , but there a bunch of Cuban-American hating ñangaras in the party, Rangel, Serrano, two Jesse Jacksons, Sharpton, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

And talk about pimping, at least the Republicans are willing to put Cubans up in positions of leadership. The Socialist, err the Democrats, only begrudgingly appointed Menendez to a Senate seat which in NJ’s crooked political Democratic machine politics pecking order should have been his when Lautenberg was tapped to run for Torricelli’s seat after he stepped down. The real pimps come to South Florida every 2 years wear a guayabera drink a café and then spend the next two years attacking us.

And another thing: Elian. While Muhammad Atta and his murderous accomplices visas expired, Clinton’s INS number one priority was to rescue Elian from a life of freedom and send him back to Castoworld. That’s the guys I want in charge alright. The blame America First Team!

Disclousre: Gusano is a registered Democrat, Zorro is an Independent.

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