09 October 2006

The New California?

It seems that Cuban-born Australian journalist, writer, blogger and freedom fighter Luis M. Garcia has his work cut out for him down under. The South Australian teacher's union journal believes that the Cuban education model would be an appropriate model for Australia to follow. Crikey!

According to The Australian, the AEU journal praised the class sizes, the free education and the well trained teachers of Cuba's educational system as well as raving about the 100% literacy rate.

Apparently, the Miami Mafia is also well known in Australia because Dan Murphy the journal’s editor has this to say :

"It (the article) doesn't shirk away from other issues like requiring teachers to reinforce communist values. But it's not a piece of propaganda out of Miami; it overs other facts you don't strictly get."

According to the Australian, Murphy’s research into the Cuban educational system consisted of a meeting Gilda Chacon, a trade union official from the Cuban Federation of Workers. She visited Adelaide in July a guest of the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union where Murphy was previously employed. But its not a piece of propaganda out of Havana.

In a letter to the editor in the same journal a gentleman by the name of Craig Greer had this to say:

"If Cuba is a dictatorship, then I'm ready to be dictated to."

The Australian, in an effort to inject some journalistic sanity in the article interviewed fellow blogger Luis M. Garcia for the article. He added the following:

Cuba's education system was "heavily politicised" and not an example Australia should follow.

"The purpose of education (in Cuba) is not just to teach how to read and write and understand complex issues but essentially it has become a defender of the Castro regime,"

The Australian Pioneers?...I hope not!

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