06 October 2006

Communist Morons in Moron

Imagine if you will being stuck in Moron .Imagine being held prisoner there with virtually no hope of getting out. Imagine having a child with diabetes and not being able to get the insulin your child needs to LIVE because the Moron who runs your country doesn't care about its people. Imgine the Moron that runs your country stealing all of the Country's GNP and investing only a meager portion back into the country. And, Imagine, the majority of what he puts back into the national coffers going to repress you. Imagine that all the stores and all the pharmacies in Moron are all owned by the same Moron. Imagine, then, that when you complain about the Moron who is responsible for your misery, that you get thrown in jail by the Moron police and fined 400pesos. Imagine that 400 pesos is probably 40 month's worth of wages paid to you by the same Moron .
A bad Twightlight Zone episode? No, thats the nightmare that is life in Cuba.

Imagine , then, that after having gone through this misery an scapee from this Cuban nightmare goes abroad and tries to tell the people he meets about the Moron that runs Cuba, and the other Morons abroad say "but the Cubans have free aducation and Healthcare." that's the Twightlight Zone


Mother arrested after complaining at pharmacy

MORON, Cuba - October 4 (Tico Morales, APLA / www.cubanet.org) - María Rosales was arrested, held for 24 hours, and fined 400 pesos after protesting at a pharmacy that couldn't supply the insulin her 6-year-old daughter needs to treat her diabetes.

Rosales went to the pharmacy assigned to her in the town of Peonía, near Moron, at eight o-clock in the morning on Monday, with a doctor's prescription. Pharmacy personnel told her they didn't have any insulin, and referred her to another pharmacy.

Rosales went to the second pharmacy and waited her turn in line. When pharmacy employees informed her that they had run out of insulin, Rosales broke down crying, protesting the lack of medicines and blaming the government for the problem.

Pharmacy administrators called police, who took Rosales to a Morón police station, fined her 400 pesos for disorderly conduct and held her until the next day.

Meantime, her husband Evaristo, seeing she didn't come home with the medicine, took the girl to the hospital, where doctors attended to her.

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