23 October 2006

Important Things

From Reuters:

Cuba ponders how to fix socialist economy

From Gusano:

Free Market Sytem, Human rights, Free Elections.

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba has begun debating how to correct rampant theft and inefficiency in state-run services, from pouring beer to shining shoes, that could signal a step toward economic reform under acting President Raul Castro.

In a scathing three-part series on graft in shops and bars entitled The Big Old Swindle, the Communist Youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde said on Sunday a team of university experts will investigate ways to improve services.

"The important thing, to me,
is that they are asking the questions. "Why doesn't it work?" a European diplomat posted to Havana said.

"My doubt is whether they are brave enough to start asking themselves questions without trying to confine the answers to Marxist philosophy," he said

The important thing to me is that the people in Cuba are enslaved by speudo-socialist thugs who have kept their people on the verge of starvation for 47 years. They prop up a system that doesn't work because it is designed not work. The system is designed to corrupt the morals of the individual and the family. The system is designed toterrorize its citizens into submission. The important thing is to bring about change, freedom and food to these captive people.

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