24 October 2006

Harlem Night(mare)s

As you probably know an “artist” named Daniel Edwards whose claims to fame include an obscene sculpture of Brittney Spears giving birth and another of Suri Cruise’s baby poop, has outdone himself and made a “dying Castro” sculpture. The huge bust of the tyrant will unveiled within eyeshot of the Apostle’s statue at central park.




Cuban American Pundits

Inspiration comes from Harlem “perhaps the only community in the U.S. that proclaims an admiration for Castro - the Central Park unveiling of his portrait is an attempt to bring Harlem's adoration for Castro to the rest of the world"

Meanwhile back in the real world, “a broadcast that brings together Afro-Cubans and Afro-American civil rights leaders together for the first time to discuss the plight of Afro-Cubans in Cuba” will air on Radio Marti next Monday night.

Dr. James Meredith known as the first African-American student at The University of Mississippi will take part in the show.

Miami’s CBS4 reports that Mr. Meredith had this to say. "The Cuban blacks are probably as bad off as any blacks that there are in the whole world," said Meredith. "That's why I say that the improvement of the conditions for blacks in Cuba will result in the improvement for blacks in all of Latin America." Here’s a link to the report including a video in case you doubt my words.

Some of Cuba’s most important dissidents happen to be of African descent. Among them are Oscar Biscet, Darsi Ferrer and Guillermo Fariñas. Blacks in Cuba have complained about the lack of support offered them by their African-American counterparts who tend to dislike Cuban-Americans and admire the dying tyrant in Havana. Meredith blames this notion on a lack of communication between and among the various black communities.

UPDATE: if your're looking for the latest on this saga click here

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