06 October 2006

We Report....You err Make Up Your Own Mind

There's this:
Havana, October 5 (Prensa Latina)
Cuba, the tourist destination annually chosen by millions of people in the world, is not an option at present for US citizens thanks to Washington´s obsessive hostility against the Caribbean island.......The White House alleges the security of the US people as pretext, while Cuba asserts that the truth is the long-dreamed of desire, including of prior US administrations, supported by anti-Cuban groups: submission and annexation

BUT ....There's this:
A nine-year-old Vernon, B.C., girl who has allegedly been forced to stay behind in Cuba after her mother got in trouble with the law may not be able to get much help from Foreign Affairs. Dunia Garcia, 25, a Cuban-born permanent resident of Canada, says her daughter, Amanda, was notallowed to return home with her after an August visit to Cuba. Yesterday, Catherine Gagnaire, a spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs, declined to say what role the government is playing in getting the girl home. Ms. Gagnaire said Canada has little influence on cases involving citizens of Cuba. Cuba does not recognize dual citizenship and anyone born in Cuba is considered a Cuban citizen while in Cuba. Ms. Garcia said Amanda is "doing fine" and staying with relatives in Havana. Ms. Garcia was charged with assault after an incident with a police officer. After being released, officials ordered her daughter to stay behind to ensure the mother would return to the country to deal with the charge.


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