03 October 2006

So our little friend Oscar Corral has something to say about Cubans.

This is hysterical. This poor exuse for a Cuban can only talk about Cubans as if they were a subject to be studied and polled, since he doesn't know what a Cuban would think or say.

Why does he still have a job?

Miami Cubans: Fidel era over

A poll of Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans shows optimism about a transition to democracy on the communist island and an openness to U.S. negotiations with a new Cuban government.
BY OSCAR CORRALocorral@MiamiHerald.com

An overwhelming majority of Cuban Americans and Cuban exiles think that an ailing Fidel Castro will never return to power and that a transition could take hold within four years, according to a new poll examining the attitudes of South Florida's Cuban community.

Those are among several findings in a poll of 600 Cuban and Cuban American adults in Miami-Dade and Broward counties conducted Sept. 14-20 by Bendixen & Associates. The poll has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Seventy-four percent of Cuban Americans believe Fidel Castro is terminally ill, and 14 percent think he will recover from illness but never return to power.

With Cuba's Defense Minister Raúl Castro now in charge of the communist island, 55 percent of Cubans surveyed think a ''major transition towards democracy'' is a major probability, and 30 percent believe it's a minor probability.

''Fidel Castro is politically dead, and for all intents and purposes a relic for the history books,'' said Fernand Amandi, executive vice president of Bendixen & Associates.


Alfredo said...

yeah all of sudden he speaks for Cubans? Excuse me while all of us pull the knife out of our backs!
Nothing worse than a Cuban whose ashamed of being Cuban!

El Gusano said...

he's revolting. he's for sale unlike the real cuban reporters that he martyred.