28 October 2006

It's Alive! It's Alive! It's Castrostein

He walks, He Talks. He's Alive. Ex-Cuban dictator and current cancer victim, Fidel Castro Ruz, was shown on Cuban state TV on Saturday reassuring Cuban citizens of his continued breathing and taunting his very succesful ex-slaves in exile.

Reuters was not clear how the video of the now irrelevant, newspaper reading Fidel got on Cuban state TV or if the bearded old guy on TV was actually Castro, since they have had recent difficulties in verifying images.

Since suffering an undisclosed ailment at an undisclosed location Castro underwent an operation in an undisclosed Havana hospital with an undisclosed prognosis. The Cuban government now headed by his brother ReCastro has repeadtedly stated that the Cuban revolution does not need Fidel in order to continue and that they can finish destroying the once beautiful Pearl of the Antilles and beat its people into submission without him.

Thank God he's still alive. There's still hope somebody will put a bullet in him so he can die the kind of death he deserves.

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban television showed images on Saturday of convalescing leader Fidel Castro walking and reading the day's newspapers.

Castro, defying enemies whom he said had declared him dead, said he was following government policy discussions and using the telephone as he recovers from emergency surgery in late July. They were the first images of Castro released in six weeks.



Anonymous said...

Actually he is dead. He is the walking dead!

Anonymous said...

Jajajaja, Gusano, amigo, he estado revisando la noticia de la resucitacion de la momia en varios blogs, y tu estas entre los mejores.

Un saludo.

Cuban_Patriot said...
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Cuban_Patriot said...

Lets hope hes not alive that is lol, sadly with the communist perfection of the missinformation strategy we will not know for sure till his body is on display.

Viva Marti, Viva Cuba Libre, Viva Libertad!!