27 October 2006

Reuters Fooled by MapQuest

Notice that Santiago de Cuba is NOT in the "Cone of Truth"

Are they handing out degrees in Journalism in WalMart these days? What Gives?

I come across an article in the Washington Times from Reuters . The reporter, gleefully, describes how TV Marti has failed again in Broadcasting some “reality TV” to the captives in Cuba.

It seems that ReCastro and his goon Valdez have foiled the nefarious efforts of the Empire , ruled by the Devil himself, to broadcast game 3 of The World Series to baseball loving Cubans.

Here’s an excerpt:

an informal survey of Cubans who tried to watch the shows that included baseball's championship series.

"A friend told me they were going to broadcast the World Series, so I got together some people to watch and all we saw was static," Eduardo, a 33-year-old eastern Santiago resident who does odd jobs for a living, said on Friday.

"I went next door where there is a better television and looked until 11 p.m. On Channel 20 it seemed like some signal was trying to get through, but it was jammed," Havana resident Eddi Machin said.

My head is about to explode upon reading this. Now, imagine you’re a Cuban in Havana who hopes to watch a major league World Series game for the first time in your life. Imagine some American comes over to take an “informal” survey and asks you if you were able to receive the illegal broadcast. What in God’s name are you going to say? If you say the reception was great, the next day they come with a sledgehammer and smash you and your TV to smithereens. Are these guys serious? How about doing some informal research to find out what they do to Cubans caught watching foreign propaganda?

I was so out of my mind, I didn’t even catch it till I was downloading the article: They did part their informal survey in Santiago. As in Oriente. Eastern Cuba. Again, a little informal research like looking at a map would have yielded the revelation that TV Marti’s new plane is targeting Western Cuba, Where Havana is, not Oriente which is in the Eastern tip of the Island.

You can’t make this up this is in the article:

The leased G1 twin turboprop, based in Key West, Florida, and loaded with millions of dollars worth of new equipment, was to be airborne between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. every night except Sunday in yet another attempt to bypass government jamming, especially in western Cuba, TV Marti officials said.

In some of the area that TV Marti is targeting, they couldn’t block the signal, so they cut the power. No juice. No TV. No TV Marti. No World Series. No Survey. Brutal but effective like everything they do.

You know, a good angle for this story would have been to focus on the fact that even after 47 years of being shut out from the outside world, the Cuban populace still yearns for contact with its neighbors, especially its neighbor to the north with which they still share some common ground: love of baseball.

A better angle would have been to report that even with the information blockade that the Cuban people must endure 24/7, news that Radio Marti was planning to air game 3 of the fall classic still mamaged to reach the Cuban people somehow.

But no, we are treated to Bush , the Devil, is wasting tax payer money to placate the Cuban reactionary right-wing nut jobs in Miami better known as the Miami Mafia.

Someday, like a famous Cuban used to say, "you have a lot of splaining to do", MSM.

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