03 October 2006

The Herald Continues its Anti-Cuban Crusade

The Herald fires another Cuban rather than admit its mistakes. It's really getting old with these Castroites.

I hope that the Herald writers who where so graciously given ''amnesty'' (emphasis not mine!) (I'm surprised they didn't use"pardon" since they have already been treated as criminals) by the newspaper turn around and tell the Herald to shove it.

Where is the letter taking back tthe damage done to the reputations of the other journalists? That damage can't be repaired.

This isn't over. Do not buy the Herald. Do not Subcribe to it. Do not Advertise on The Herald. Urge all your friends and family to do the same.

I hope The Herald gets its bureau in Havana soon, they have worked hard for it, they deserve it. They have proven their proficiency at doing the tyrant's bidding and licking his totalitarian boots.

UPDATE: More on this in the Conductor's Herald Watch Blog. The conductor should be congratulated, exhaulted and commended for putting the pressure on these phonies. Once again...the power of the New Media. GO HENRY!

Herald publisher will resignThe publisher of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald will step down today and reverse recent firings of writers at El Nuevo Herald.

BY MARTIN MERZERmmerzer@MiamiHerald.com

Jesús Díaz Jr. will resign today as president of the Miami Herald Media Co. and publisher of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

The action comes amid a widening controversy over payments accepted by some El Nuevo Herald journalists for participating in U.S.-government broadcasts on Radio Martí and TV Martí.

The move, which ends a challenging and sometimes tumultuous 14 months as head of one of South Florida's most visible and influential institutions, is effective immediately. David Landsberg, who served as general manager, takes over today as company president and publisher of both newspapers.

In a letter to readers, Díaz said the company is reversing course and will grant ''amnesty'' to two El Nuevo Herald reporters and a freelance contributor who were dismissed Sept. 7 when The Miami Herald reported that they received payments under contracts with Radio Martí and TV Martí.

rest of the BS here

Diaz's Letter to the readers is here

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