12 October 2006

Crossing the Hard Line

As we reported yesterday, El Foro Patriotico Cubano y la Asamblea para la Sociedad Civil Martha Beatriz Roque’s organization in Cuba , signed a document to work together to achieve a free Cuba.

The Miami Herald’s headline:

Cuban exiles, dissidents sign plan
Hard-line Cuban exile organizations worked with dissident groups in Cuba to implement a democracy action plan.

Hard Line? So I read further . The “hard line” refers to those exile groups that refuse to negotiate with the current tyrannical regime in Cuba. I thought they were referring to Alpha 66, Omega 7 and Commandoes F-4.

The Five Point Plan:

• Freedom for all political prisoners and an end to harassment of all kinds to internal

• Installment of a transition government that establishes democracy in Cuba, that respects human rights and offers the following freedoms: economic, press, religion, to associate, to assemble and to protest peacefully.

• Establishment of a constituent assembly that provides a new constitution submitted to a popular vote.

• Recognition of political parties and multiparty elections.

• Reestablishment of the rule of law, making sure that ``every Cuban is protected
from whimsical decisions that could lead to social discontent"

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Notice the Nuevo Herald Article bt the same reporter doesn’t have the “linea dura” qualifier in the headline.

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