16 October 2006

Sorry, Chavez, no seat for you.

It seems that all the "Bush is the Devil" rehtoric as well as all the petro dollars that our bolivarian despot in training has been throwing around lately were just another waste of Venezuelan resources as Venezuela was soundly defeated for an open rotating seat at the UN Security Council in favor of US friendlier Guatemala in the first round of balloting. This comes a shock since in the international and national press were touting Chavez as a lock to be successful in his bid after his anti Bush tirade at the UN last month was recieved by spirited applause and compliments.

Lets hope Guatemala is successful in its bid.

This defeat is another in a recent string of international setbacks for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who is trying to position himself as the leader of anti-Americanism worldwide.

Recently, Chavez backed candicates in several countries have been deafeted, (Mexico,Peru), or forced into unprecedented run-offs ,(Brazil, Ecuador), in close elections. Even in Venezuela where Chavez expected to cruise to re-election, the united oposition has been making up ground and has put him on the defensive.

Chavez will have to do without the consolation and strategic advice of his friend, the moribund tyrant of Havana, who as we know, is knocking on Hell's gate.

UPDATE: Guatemala did not win the seat, unfortunately, but after 10 rounds of voting Venezuela was 33 votes behind Guatemala. This is due in large part to John Bolton and his tireless bulldog attitude in fighting for his country and democracy worldwide.


Jose Aguirre said...

Just came to your blog for the first time and I'm very impressed! Keep up your great work for the cause of a Free Cuba!

El Gusano said...

thanks jose. hay que hacer lo que se pueda por la patria. a lo mejor , si dios quiere, algun dia podramos hacer mucho mas.