10 October 2006

Castro's Anti-Semitism Cover-up

Things are status quo on the lwestern front as the left looks the other way on Castro's anti-semetic ways, but Myles Cantor at Front Page Magazine.com blows Castro's cover in two articles. Wether you are a Jewban or a friend of Israel, these exposes are a must read:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Cuban Shame

It is proper to condemn anti-Zionism in countries like Venezuela that support Iran’s neo-Nazi regime. It is also very strange that the Wiesenthal Center has been conspicuously silent about Latin America’s most anti-Zionist country that praises Hezbollah and Iran: Cuba.

Perhaps ignorance explains the Wiesenthal Center’s silence, though the Castro regime has flagrantly demonized Israel for decades and supported its enemies. One would think an organization that monitors Latin America might have noticed this.


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