08 December 2006

Castro-Cornholio Connection

In my ritualistic morning clickfest through all the blogs on my favorites list, I came across three thought provoking posts. One at Ziva’s Blog for Cuba one at Ya No Mas and another at Babalu.

Over the years, I’ve almost given up explaining the Cuban situation to Americans. Most have a real difficult time comprehending totalitarianism and what that entails. The details of the struggles and oppression sound surreal, exaggerated and made up.

Then you get the ones that actually challenge you and turn the Cuban situation around and start to blame Batista, the US, the Embargo, the Exiles, etc. ad nauseum. You know the type, the Anti-American Left. How can reach these people and convince them that you’re not an ex-rich Cuban with a political axe to grind? I gave up years ago.

But there’s toilet paper. I remember growing up in Cuba. No toilet paper. Toilet paper was a luxury item. TOILET PAPER. The 21st Century. The Tropical Worker’s Paradise. No toilet paper. That became my new ally (in more ways than one).

So, I don’t argue abstract , esoteric concepts. I don’t talk about assassinations, human rights abuses, lack of free elections, hunger and the rest of the intransigent rabid exile mumbo jumbo. I just say that the revolution is a failure because after 47 years in power, they still can’t provide Cuban citizens with toilet paper. Then I go into my Cornholio impersonation and proclaim "I need T.P. for my Bunghole". End of conversation. That they understand.

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Anonymous said...

Así es asere, hasta pa' limpiar el culo hay que resolver. Por eso yo estuve tan contento cuando anunciaron la publicación del libro del coma, con ese tomo vamos a resolver las cagadas por largo rato.