12 December 2006

More Voices

The Voices are getting louder:

Rumors continue to swirl that Castro has finally been unplugged from the respirator.

Before we go and start the premature banging on pots again, we need to keep two things in mind:

1. About the police being put on alert: It may only be a drill:

The U.S. government wants to avoid such a tragedy. And today, federal, state and local authorities performed a drill in Broward County on how federal, state and local agencies would respond to a mass exodus from the communist island to South Florida

2.On Dec 10, Haitian president Rene Preval, said he would soon leave the country for treatment and more tests. Preval said blood tests in Havana showed possible signs of cancer. The tests were inconclusive and that he would have to return to Cuba on Dec. 26 for more tests and unspecified treatment.
Now there’s a rumor going around that Preval was really in Havana performing a super secret Haitian ritual designed to turn Fidel Castro into a zombie, so that he could continue to make videos in his Adidas suit.

That’s what the voices say.


Burunate said...

Dicen que el fifo se partio el dia 3.

El Gusano said...

eso es lo que se corre

El Gusano said...

hasta desde mexico biene la bola esa.