02 December 2006

Celebrating Failure - UPDATE


Today in Cuba they celebrate Failure once again.

Fidel Castro for all his years in power, has always been a monumental failure. Castro’s legacy will be as the originator of grandiose schemes that always met with failure. Not absolved by history, but ridiculed by it.

Today they celebrate, with Soviet pomp and circumstance, the “landing” of the Yacht Granma; another of Castro’s Failures.

The Granma was a 60 foot diesel powered cabin cruiser that Castro bought in Mexico from an American named Erickson. The hurricane–damaged yacht had a capacity for 12 occupants, but in his infinite wisdom, know it all Fidel, bought the yacht anyway even though it was way too small to carry 82 men and their equipment. It took a whole week to get to Cuba because the boat was so overloaded that it could not travel at full speed and was leaking.

Upon arriving at the Cuban coast, the whole “landing” was botched. They wound up in a mangrove swamp where the Granma was “stuck” and the would-be revolutionaries had to scramble for their lives.

Out of the 82 on board only 13 made to the Sierra Maestra with Castro. Fidel and his 12 disciples. Guevara and Almeida joined up with Castro a few days later.

Today they celebrate a lie, a failure, re-written history and propaganda.

UPDATE: Another Failure: Castro Fails to show up to military parade. Read at Ya No Mas!


Anonymous said...

Viva Cuba Libre!

Abajo Castro!


El Gusano said...

Que Viva!